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Published to celebrate our 160th anniversary in 2021, "A Choral Chronicle" is the new, full-colour, 240-page, soft-touch cover book charting the impressive history of Worcester Festival Choral Society and its unique role in English music-making. Packed with fascinating facts, famous name anecdotes, conductor conversations, member memories and 200+ colour images, it's the perfect treat for any choral music lover. 

Written by chorus member and writer Michelle Whitefoot, the book traces the Society’s story from its Victorian origins through two constitutions, two World Wars, 11 conductors and hundreds of performances to the present day.
In it you'll discover:  
   • How WFCS was born in 1861
   • How Sir Edward Elgar led the WFCS ‘Band’ and conducted several of its concerts
   • How WFCS premiered two of Elgar's choral works 
   • Which Treasurer became a five-time Mayor of Worcester
   • The truth behind Conductor Hugh Blair’s mysterious dismissal
   • How WFCS was guest-conducted by Sir Adrian Boult and Sir Hubert Parry 
   • How WFCS helped the Second World War effort
   • Why the WFCS ‘Centenary Concert’ was a mistake
   • How the Society sang at the Royal Albert Hall and for royalty
   • Which past members went on to become major names in English choral music
   • How the music is programmed for WFCS and Three Choirs Festival concerts
… and much more!
Copies are £25 per book (+ £5 p&p if required) ... 
and 100% of profits go to Worcester Festival Choral Society funds (Charity no. 506826)


"Wow, it is absolutely stunning! The presentation is wonderful and the idea to use little boxes with anecdotes etc is inspired! The photos are all of the highest quality too and it will all make a wonderful and fascinating read - I can’t wait to get stuck in!" Tom H

"My book arrived this week and it is wonderful. It is a remarkable record of the choral society." Susan R 

"It looks a really magnificent account of WFCS history and the choir should be delighted with what you have done." Jonathan W

"I’m stunned! It’s absolutely fantastic. Many congratulations!" Samuel H 

"What a superb production! Not yet read from cover to cover but I have seen enough to be very impressed." Colin & Laura A 

"My ordered book has been delivered successfully and I am really enjoying it. Your publication is beautifully produced and readable and the photographs are fascinating." Mela W 

"It's raining and I'm supposed to be doing all sorts of things indoors other than leafing thro and reading chunks of your brilliant book! Thank you and very well done. The extra pictures and little insights make a world of difference." Roger N

"The book is beautiful, eminently readable and really informative - very, very well done to you and all your collaborators." Wynne H

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